Why Work Friends Matter: Authentic Workplace Relationships

by | 8th Nov 2023 | Business

Authentic workplace relationships

The Impact of Work Relationships on Life and Mental Health

The idea of achieving a good work-life balance is firmly established, but increasingly, workers are realising that the two cannot be fully separated. Dissatisfaction at work can easily bleed into life outside of the office. The impact a job has on mental health has become a major factor in people’s employment choices, and many businesses are starting to take note. Employee benefits, mental health days, and more have become the norm, but employee dissatisfaction is still high and employee retention an issue. An often under-considered factor is the benefit of positive workplace relationships.

The Value of Positive Workplace Relationships

When people are asked about the best job they ever had, often the answer isn’t the one that paid them the best or had the best progression ladder, it’s the job where they worked with the best people. Relationships at work are often downplayed, people are just “work friends”, but these work friends often make the biggest difference in whether someone finishes their workday with a smile or not. It isn’t just positive relationships with colleagues that matter; the ability to openly communicate with managers makes a huge difference. Open communication often it leads to improved efficiency, fewer mistakes, and better results as employees are able to communicate their needs, pitch solutions, and identify problems that management may not be aware of.

The Power of Team Building in Forming Workplace Bonds

Forming these relationships in the workplace can be challenging, particularly in high-stress environments. This is why team building events can be so valuable. By leaving the work environment, and removing the typical office stratification, people are free to reconsider their relationship to one another and form more genuine bonds. Learning a new skill is not only a great way to achieve this but also provides a rewarding experience. Friends are formed through fun, and The Cheshire Cookery School creates team building events with this in mind. Each event is designed to ensure that everyone has a great time together as a team.

Partnering for Professional Growth

Fun isn’t all that matters for a successful team building event, which is why the school has partnered with The Better People. The Better People provide their expertise in leadership development, resilience training, and authentic relationship building to help participants gain valuable personal development, insight, and skills. The Cheshire Cookery School works with The Better People to tailor every event to specific company needs to ensure that everyone walks away with a positive experience and lasting benefits.

The Secret Ingredient for a Satisfying Work Life

In the quest for a work life that satisfies both employees and organisations, authentic relationships stand out as a secret ingredient. Team building activities at The Cheshire Cookery School provide a platform for these relationships to flourish. By creating an environment where trust, communication, and support are nurtured, organisations can empower their teams to navigate life’s challenges with resilience and continue to thrive in the workplace. In this recipe for success, the bond formed in the kitchen can serve as the foundation for a more balanced and fulfilling experience at work.


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