Across Asia: Small Plates from the East – 25th May 2024


Saturday 25th May 2024 10am-4pm

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Across Asia there are many cuisines that are as intimidating as they are delicious. From the richness of Chinese classics to the aromatics of Thai dishes, the bold flavours of Korean favourites, to the delicate balance of Japanese tastes, prepare to change that with this class. Our chef will guide you through each recipe, ensuring that you have a solid understanding of these diverse cuisines. Leave with a new diverse range of fresh and fragrant dishes in your culinary repertoire to treat yourself or show off to some friends.


If you are looking to recreate dishes you have experienced on your travels, or simply learn to cook your favorite Asian dishes – then this is the course for you.

The class starts with a coffee and a chat with the chef about the class ahead, and then it’s through to the kitchens for demonstrations of the dishes you’ll be cooking. Next it’s time to roll up your sleeves get on an apron, learn new skills and enjoy replicating the dishes under our chef’s expert instruction.

We firmly believe that great cooking isn’t about recipes, it’s about techniques and you’ll work together with other students in a fun, hands-on environment led by our professional chef instructors. In every class, you will get hands-on experience throughout the class. For some dishes the chefs will have done some of the prep for you so that you can maximise your hands-on time with cooking and learning

We don’t give you a recipe print out during the class, as we want you enjoy the experience rather than simply following a recipe. We will email you the recipe pack after the class. Our chefs are always happy to answer any questions during and after the class.

At the end of your cookery experience, you can retire to the dining room to enjoy the fruits of your labour with a glass of wine/ soft drink, the class includes time to sit down and enjoy your culinary creations.

If you do wish to take any food that you have cooked home with you, please bring suitable containers. Please note – we are unable to accept any responsibility/liability for food taken out of the cookery school.


Previous dishes include from the following:

Pork and Truffle Shu Mai

Thai Fish Cakes with Nam Jim Sauce

Egg Fried Rice

Quick Kimchi

Sushi Rolls

Smoked Salmon Nigiri

Sticky, Slow-Cooked Pork Ribs


    Important Information

    10am – 4pm

    When to arrive:
    Please arrive 10 mins prior to the commencement of the class, on arrival you will be directed to our coffee lounge where you can meet the chef and chat about the class.

    What to wear:
    Please wear comfortable clothing and closed toe, non-slip footwear, an apron will be provided for you to use during the class.

    What to bring:
    Everything you need for the class will be provided for you. If you wish to take any food that you have cooked home with you, please bring suitable containers, please note – we are unable to accept any responsibility or liability for food taken out of the cookery school.