Tapenade Crusted Cod Loin with Basil & Fennel

From the ‘Dinner Parties Made Easy’ course by Jason Palin

This for me is the warm sun and a beach. Friends who do not like Anchovies love this dish despite there being anchovies in it. It’s a dish that really gets a big wow when taken to the table.

Serves 4
> 4 x cod loin 6oz trimmed
> 1 jar tapenade (Or make your own with black olives and capers, anchovies & olive oil – blitz to a paste)
> Bulbs of fennel
> 2 anchovies unsalted per person
> Bunch of fresh basil
> Virgin olive oil


  1. In a heavy frying pan place a little oil when hot add the fennel and turn down .Cook for ten minutes then turn repeat till tender, now turn up and colour the fennel. Keep warm.
  2. In the same pan place the cod Cook for 5 minutes then turn top with 2 anchovies and coat with the Tapenade cook for 5 more minute depending on thickness.
  3. In a food processer put 6 basil leaves and a splash of oil blitz until smooth with a vibrant green colour.

To serve
On large white plates put fennel in centre then top with fish, drizzle round edges with Basil Oil
Top each portion with fresh basil leaf.
Note great with a salad of Rocket and fresh Parmesan shavings little lemon dressing

My mother smiles when she cooks and this is my inspiration lets all smile together.
Happy eating and entertaining
Jason Palin

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